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Republique by Sania

Logo design and brand conceptualisation for an Indian designer influenced by French fashion seeking to create a unique style statement that is open to interpretation by the clients.
The minimalistic approach signifies a fresh start with elements of the French language and fluidity of Indian fabrics through fonts. Amalgamation of the founder’s background, inspiration, vision and profession are paramount inspirations for this concept.

BATK cosmetics

Logo design and brand conceptualisation for an organic brand of cosmetics and healthcare products for women.
The earthy colour palette represents the organic nature of the products and their authenticity. The vision and concept are designed to showcase the target audience, the components of the product and brand veracity.

Calm Monk

Logo and packaging design for a newly launched rejuvenation products store representative of the brand name and the sensations associated with the products.
A vibrant colour palette for packaging and soothing palette for the logo, captures the nature of the products – rejuvenation, and the final outcome that the products are designed to deliver – calmness.

Big Box

Logo, stationary, souvenir and signage system design for a fictitious project – A Theme Park. A fun, quirky and dynamic look that represents the layers of excitement, adrenaline rush and thrill.
The concept of ‘movement’ is depicted using dynamic lines that differ in thickness and the vibrancy in colours capture excitement and the overall feeling of being inside a theme park.

Jon Wool Family Dentistry

Logo design and brand conceptualisation for a family dentistry with a vision to showcase their profession and specialization creatively and clearly in the logo itself.
The final outcome creatively displays a family of three forming the shape of a tooth and the colour palette subtly representing the colour of scrubs in the medical industry. The design is profession centric and ensures a self explanatory representation of the brand.


Logo design for a young aspiring jewellery designer in the United States who envisioned a simplistic logo representative of elegance, minimalism, and delicate femininity.
The modern font with extreme contrast represents distinction between the ancient art of jewellery making and the designer’s modernity with a decorative element straight from the founder’s jewellery sketch.